Jan 09
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Authors Note - Hi! Looking for some edits/feedback on this poem. Pleases comment, or email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

I have trapped myself between the borders of reality,

My knock on every wall echos through the hall like a ghost asking a question whose answer still lays in her grave 
Each step into continuing darkness justifies what I already know to be true,

I am alone. 
Gracing past walls of memories of a happier time,
The sound of natural laughter,
The smell of bread untainted by salty tears of broken hearts,
Calloused hands seize onto fleeting grapevines of the past,

But it is a rope that leads to nowhere
Surrounded by fragments of a broken imagination, 

I lay awake.

The clock ticking inside me pays no heed to the natural course of the sun,

I am on my own schedule
An  abundance of opinions swells around,

Everyone has one - but there is only one that truly matters 
There is a word I read recently, 


They say it is one’s importance being so unnoticed and insignificant,
That their only purpose is to take up space. 
They are a motive of another story,

Whatever is less than a pawn,

They are cheated out of their own story to help the creation of another
But what if that is how they want it? 
What if they were indeed made to fill up rooms with applause,
 to join in a song, one of many voices. 
What if that is all they want, all they need? 

Can anyone truly be satisfied knowing they are simply an accessory?

I am a cumberworld, 

A page in a greater book, 

No one will remember me when the birds squawk over my grave,
My name will die on my tongue only,
But there will be moments - mere seconds even, 

Where I make someone’s day a bit better.
And that,
that is all I truly need