Jan 09
opinion challenge: Insurrection

China is Laughing at the United States

China is laughing at the United States, some "united" states we are,
Now how the blocky tables turn, round and round like ambulance wheels.
The bane of democracy is simply democracy itself,
Are we too free in liberty? Illusions, they swarm in naivety,

I see rioters, first walking into barred cages, then breaking their own bones
with their own bones, and plunging daggers into their own hearts,
Have we become so free, that those in communist prisons,
Have the justification to ridicule us? Justified indeed, to mock our plight.

This nation teeters at the edge of a knife, stray little more and it will fail,
To the destruction of only ourselves, and to the entertainment of all else.
We are not infallible, we also have our flaws. But-

Nevertheless we are a democracy, and we still have laws.