Jan 09

Promise, Someday

Someday we will hug and kiss like its no big deal,
Wrap our arms around each other and walk down the street.
Someday I’ll have a special name, that only you call me,
Something that makes me smile,
Even after I’ve heard it a million times.

Forever is a long time.
It’s means until no longer there is time,
And everything is nothing more.
Forever is something I can’t promise,
For someone even as loyal as me can not commit for that long.

One day.
One day we may hate each other,
We may never speak again.
That will break my heart because I always want to talk to you,
Even if we’re not in love.

Sorry because I’m not in love yet.
I barely knew you a month ago and have only seen you twice.
Sorry because I always say sorry,
Because I want to love you more.

I know.
I know I love you, 
I just don’t want to say it.
Because saying it means that I’m in love with you,
And I’m not.
Not yet.
But I know that I get butterflies when I see you,
And my brain does a dance and messes up my words.

I love.
I love lots of things,
And you are one of them.
I just can’t tell you yet.

Because it's all so new and I’m so afraid but I really do love you I promise.

Promise, someday.