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December 24th, 1938

Fictional account that I made of World War ll that I was kinda into. Enjoy, history nerds.
December 24th, 1938
Berlin, Germany
Someday, I'm going to be traumatized. Someday, I'm going to hate myself, everyone else, and the world. But, right now, I don't have the time. The fight against the Nazis is constant, a terrifying spin of death and fear that taints our hearts and minds. The same thoughts flood my head, just like so many others; "What are we doing? Are we doing it right? Are we going to survive?"

Terror is just as heady as happiness, really. It clogs street drains like acid rain, dark and damp, suffocating and awful, weighing on our bodies, our skulls, our lungs. 

No one walks the streets now. Those of us, like my family, are trying the best we can to help any and every Jewish person we meet, teaching them our language and our ways, tucking them in, disguising them as Americans, trapped and weighed into the soil by the loss of transport, instead of fugitives, running and lying and crying for their lives. 

I am terrified, stuck here with only my immediate family for comfort, lying low and thanking my lucky stars we haven't been found, yet. It's incredibly difficult, not knowing the language, but some people here speak French, and Dad manages. 

The only escape I have is my bicycle, used only for the complete and electrifying experience of gravel crunching beneath my rubber tires, the night sky seducing the edges of the buildings, deep and tantalizingly dark. 

We are trying to survive, and learn to move with the flow of the world. It will take us months, perhaps years, to vanquish our foes, but, in a world of not being able to do anything, we do something: hope.
I've always been fascinated with World War ll. It's incredibly interesting to learn, and so horrifying. It is a part of our history, and I was inspired by a few of the books I've read. I hope this gives you a sense of inspiration. The girl in this short story survives with all of her loved ones in fact, managing to love and live through the war, settling down with lovely people. Thank you! 

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