Jan 11
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Detective introduction

        A dark and stormy night: while fitting, was not accurate. This day was instead bright and rested around 95 degrees, according to the man's phone. This man's name was George Myers: he had lived in Los Angeles for six years, that time had given him a wife and two children. His wife, an agent who drew sufficient funds from her job, supported Georges's acting ambitions. 
        The man quickened his pace subconsciously as something seemed wrong the manner of his usual walk was dropped for some reason. The cause of this change was unknown to the man; only an instinct was knowledgeable to the unknown danger. This wasn't something as explanatory as an eerie resonance or a questionable looking person but rather a fear unexplainable to even the man himself. Watching him was a camera on the nearby apartment building, he blinked, and whilst the millisecond of darkness passed over him as he had blinked so many times before, he was killed.

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