The Birthday Trouble

t was Micah’s eleventh birthday and she was so excited! Though the only thing that she was worried about was the birthday curse. Her family always had trouble with something on her birthday. Last year she got a brand new dress! It was mint green and it had pretty purple and pink flowers on it. She loved the dress! Then her little brother dumped Hawian punch all over it. Two years ago she had hit a pinata and then accidentally hit her friend, Lila. Three years ago, they were sledding when Micah and her older sister were in the same tube, she had fallen out and squashed her arm! She ended up breaking it!

This year she was really hoping that it all would turn out well, but there was no way to be sure. She tried to make everything go smoothly, so it would make her feel good for a bit. This year her party theme was disco! They even had a disco ball with lights and music. The party was in one hour and her friend Maggie came over early to help set up. The two went out to the garage and started to blow up the snow tubes. It was cold outside, but it was winter afterall. 

They had enough tubes for everyone. Once the tubes were all blown up, they went inside to make some snacks. Micah’s mom was preparing the punch. The girls watched her add the ingredients. The guests started to arrive and all was going well. Next up was the pinata and Micah was a bit worried. She hit the pinata and everyone got a turn. Nobody got hurt! 

Next up was sledding! They went up and down the hill about one hundred times! The walking up the hill was the hard part. When they went inside, they had hot cocoa. It had a bunch of marshmallows in it! It was now time for dancing! Nothing can go wrong Micah thought, but she was wrong! Her friend Bellahad slime and she wasn’t paying attention to it when it dripped into Micah and Maggie’s hair!!!! Now Micah’s dark, wavy brown hair wasn’t very fancy anymore. It had long pink slimy streaks! Maggie really got the worst of it. She had a big clump of the pink glittery slime in her straight dark blonde hair! 

The two girls lucked out though. Micah’s mom knew how to get the gunk out of their hair. She had them stick their heads under the bathtub faucet.  Her mom told them to lay back slowly. She held onto them as they did. Then Micah’s mom had them scrub their hair with shampoo in it.  As her mom scrubbed, her long brown hair swung side to side. Her purple sweater got a little wet, too.The water was nice and warm. Once it was out, Micah remembered how she had a bunch of face masks for moisturizing up in her room. She got the idea when she had her hair all wrapped up in a towel like they do at spas. They decided to have a nice spa day. 

 After they all got their beds ready in the living room they set up the rest of their things.  They watched a movie and ate some treats. All the girls stayed up til midnight and then fell asleep. 

I guess Micah was wrong about this birthday. It wasn’t too bad. It was kind of funny and it turned into a relaxing night!'s picture
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