Jan 12
poem 0 comments challenge: Trouble
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Trouble is that shadow you can’t see but you know is there.
It can pop out of nowhere and ruin the rest of the day.
Trouble is the cold chill you feel after the unforgettable thing is mentioned.
You never are looking for it, but when you are least expecting it, it hits you like a truck.
Trouble is the warm iron blood taste in your mouth after the right hook.
You can look it right in the eyes and think it's light like sunshine when it's really dark like the deep night.
Trouble is the scream of the child you can hear as you take their candy.
It can be fun only for a while, then it's guilt.
Trouble is the smell of alcohol on someone’s breath.
It can be right. It can be wrong. Why such a thing exists, no one knows.
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