Dec 12
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Highschool is like a big game of Telephone, you tell someone one thing and by the end of the day you're "dying of lead poisoning" because you accident stabbed yourself with a pencil during 6th period history class. This happens more often then you think. It's as if the other students in the school have eyes like a hawk and the sharpest hearing even in second grade. 

Years ago, towards the beginning of the school year of second grade unfortunately I was sent to the hospital. My face was swollen like a balloon and I wasn't feeling well to say the least. The abscess had spread up to my face, while making it swollen. Back at school the question arose where I was, and why haven't I been at school. Although my classmates were told I was in the hospital some thought that I was dead. My young and nieve classmates misheard and misinterpreted what being in the hospital meant. Upon my arrival a few weeks later, the new rumor started that I was infact a ghost. 

Being misheard leads to the cycle of Telephone, who knows one day you could be moving to Russia to start a new company or that you're really batman, the game never ends.
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