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fiction challenge: Trouble
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Fun Park Problems

“Missy sissy, oh so prissy. I just beat you again!” Chimed my younger sister Maggy as she won a game of Trouble for the third time. 

“Emmaline, I beat you again! Again. Again. Again!” She would say this every time she won a game while jumping up and down. Her brown braids were bouncing on the back of her pink shirt.

“Come on, can I go get us cookies or something?” I asked. 

“Well, yes to the cookies, no to you going alone. You tried the same trick yesterday with cupcakes.” she said while she stopped bouncing. The excitement was fading from her bright green eyes. 

“You were trying to get outside.”

“Alright, you caught me. We might as well get a cool drink to go with the cookies.” I said as we tramped down the stairs. I could hear the washing machine running in the room underneath the staircase. 

“Hey kiddos!” my mom called as we passed the dining room. She was signing papers at the table. 

“No going outside Maggy!” she reminded her youngest daughter. 

Maggy groaned. “I know.” We walked into the kitchen and Maggy went right to the freezer and opened the door. I felt bad for my sister and that is why I hadn’t gone outside right away. Being stuck inside in the middle of summer was a bummer. She even had to wear sunscreen inside. I let my thoughts drift back to that day when it had all gone wrong. 

‘Ivy, our cousin was up at the beginning of the summer. She has a younger brother named Conner. He is a very daring kid! One day we all went to the ‘Fun Park’ downtown. Ivy and I were playing glow in the dark mini golfing while they were upstairs in the fun zone. After winning the game we went upstairs. Maggy ran over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist. She was wet and crying. 

“We need to go home!” she yelled at me through her sobs. 

“Well, why would we do that?” Ivy asked her as Conner walked up. Maggy had burst into tears so powerful that there was no stopping. 

“Conner what happened?” I had asked. 

“Well, see, we went into the workshop and..”

“Kids are not allowed in the workshop!” Ivy scolded her brother. Conner just stared back at her. His blue eyes staring into his sister's green eyes.  

“Let me finish for goodness sake. I know that now. So somebody said that you know, “No kids in here!” thing. He was a big strong looking guy. Well, she got scared and fell in some orange liquid. The guy got her out and told her she would be okay. She would need to go home and stay in the dark because the sun would make it worse. He said  not to go outside until the 21st of August.” When he finished talking we strode there not knowing what to do other than stare at him. He stood still again with his black hair ruffled unneatly on his head. 

“It’s okay. I know what you're thinking. No, I am not hurt.” he had told us. We got home and our cousins went home the next day. A weak or two had passed since then and Maggy still couldn’t go out. 

“Emmaline, are you going to get the cookies or not?” Maggy’s voice pulled me from my thoughts, her green eyes staring at me. I still had my sister and that is what counted.
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