Jan 13
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Greg the not so great

Greg was an ok student. He has average grades and a couple of friends that he hangs out with from time to time. Well everyone has had a bad day right? Well today Greg was supposed to go to work but he forgot to fuel his car up so he took the bus, Greg didn’t have a way to get to work. He’s stuck at school, missing his job, dealing with a group of 5th graders that were sitting outside of the school building. ‘People always have a bad day, right?’ he thought when suddenly he was hit in the face with a water bottle.

“Haha loser,” the fifth graders taunted. ‘Stupid little brats’ he angerly thought. He starts to walk to work when a car speeds by splashing him and runs right through a deep puddle. He continues walking. 

“Hey g-greg are you ok, what happened?” his co-worker, Joey asks.

“Nothing sorry for being late i'll get right to work,” 

“O-ok then,” an ambulance and two fire trucks speed past him. ‘What is going on?’ he thought. He goes home to see that his older brother has had a party and is currently being yelled at by their mother.

“Hey mom, bro,”

“And you where have you been Greg,”

“At work doing by job earning money so I can pay my rent,” Greg says in the most lazy sleepy tired voice ever “I just thought I would stop by,”

“Well we don’t want you here!” Josh, his brother, said. 

“Ok bye then” Greg starts to walk to his apartment.
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