Jan 13

A Bunny's Secret

There was a day
A day that I won’t forget
Like a secret never told
It’s like it haunts me
Wherever I go
And you're wondering what it is?
Let me tell you
It’s like I’m seeing things
Like I’m hearing things
From a black figure
Almost like a shadow
Of darkness
The figure had some sort of bunny ears
And also a tail
It’s voice glitches when I hear it
But I can tell what It’s saying
“The Bunny is always watching…
The Bunny is always listening…
The Bunny Never lies…
But the Bunny never tells the truth…”
It’s like I’m hearing it on loop
And I don’t know why
And you might think this is fake
But it’s not
It’s like it’s trying to make me do things
Even if I don’t want to
It makes me do it themselve
It’s like a nightmare
But in real life
And I don’t think it’s going to end anytime soon...

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