Jan 13
poem 0 comments challenge: Trouble

difficult times

I tend to be attracted to that which I am made of
I came from a need to feel loved
from two people who weren't in love
in a marriage that was troublesome
that no one approved of

trouble might be the most often thing confused for love
danger for butterflies
strong as praiseworthy and not trauma response
we claim its real if you stay through trouble
so i'd hope yall can understand if im a little befuddled

dictionary claims its "difficult times"
my family shows you are to stay through betrayal and lies
then you'll have a good life
be a good wife
and our profession don't take breakups too well

blood can be thicker than water but sometimes blood can boil in hell
they cause trouble too
not good times speeding through stop lights
but just more rumors and lies and alibis
so this time

i wont be troubled
and in my world
any and all of my troubles
are gone.

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