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YWP Contest #3 General
 I’m going to talk about Roblox since I can talk about what I want here. Roblox is a game, more like a website, where you can play games made by other people. I like playing it because I can talk with players and become friends with them, and we can work together while playing the game. If I find a fun game to play, I can keep playing until I get bored. Games like those usually last a few months before I move onto another game. Also, it’s free, so you don’t have to pay for anything unless you want to look cooler than everyone and get boosts in the game. In order to move you can use W for forward, A for left, S for backward and D for right. You can jump with a spacebar. If you press esc. while in a game, go to settings and activate shift lock switch, you can press shift to uhh...it’s complicated. Just check it out, you don’t really have to keep playing it if you don’t want to. You can hold down right click while moving your mouse to change your PoV (point of view) and the scroll wheel to change your FoV (field of view). To talk, you can press / to start talking and enter to send. You can press the number keys to equip certain items in your backpack. You can open your backpack by pressing ~. If you’re all the way zoomed in but there’s a scrolling GUI on your screen, you can press O to zoom out so you don’t have to leave the game. You can also press I to zoom in too. I recommend you play easy obby or tycoon games if you’re just starting out and aren’t very good at the game. Once you have some experience and feel for the controls though, you should try The Labyrinth, Azure Mines, and Super Bomb Survival. You can create games using Roblox Studio. I created a game called ObbCube. My friend helped me code the scripts and I did the building. I was inspired by my friend’s game called ObbLiege, which is an obstacle course game. Mine is a layered cube that you have to parkour through in order to escape. It’s a major work in progress. That sums up my YWP on Roblox, because there’s nothing else you need to know.

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