Bad Luck

Have you ever had bad luck?  Well, there’s a guy named George who had a very bad day. It all started with him sleeping right through his alarm clock wake up. He woke up in his orange pajamas and whacked his hand against a glass of water. He spilled water all over himself.George then went to get dressed and he had forgotten to wash his clothes the night before. He went to brush his teeth and there wasn’t any toothpaste!

He decided he would go and get his breakfast. He opened the refrigerator and realized that he had also forgotten to buy milk for his cereal. His day was not going well George thought. George grabbed his dirty clothes and got ready to leave for work.

As he is driving to work, he gets a flat tire. It takes him almost two hours to fix it.  His cell phone battery was dead, so he couldn’t call his boss and tell him that he would be late. 

 “Could this day get any worse?” George asks himself. By the time he gets to work, the work day is almost over. 

The boss comes in and says, “YOU ARE FIRED!!!” 

On his way home that night he goes to get dinner at his favorite pizza place but they are already closed. Later that night, he went to watch his favorite tv show, but a mouse had chewed the tv cord. So he went to bed feeling hungry, sad and annoyed.

    That night in bed he hears something. It is his rooster crowing loudly. He realizes that he had left the front door open. He runs downstairs to close the door. His cat is gone and his dogs are running down the road! He starts chasing after his dogs. He realizes that he is running down the street with no pants on! He finally catches his dogs and he needs to find his cat. Just then he hears a meow in his front yard. It is his cat at the top of a tree. He calls the fire department and tells them all about his cat. It takes them around an hour to get there. The fire department helped him get the cat. He goes to bed and thinks how long these days have been!'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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