Jan 14

on the side of the highway

(so i wrote this based on a horror book i read)


EmmaLou had been
lying on the
side of the highway
when she woke up

Her long blonde hair
was now covered in mud
and her sharp nails caked
in blood

Her long legs were
covered in thin scabs
and when she looked at them
she could almost feel the 
knife, cut cut cutting

She could almost feel
the dirty fingers
going past her skirt

She could almost 
hear her own
s c r e a m s

Emma Lou trudged 
along, moving faster
and faster until
she saw it

The beam of the 
the headlights
the small figure
with a dress

She smiled to 
herself as the girl
got into the car
that was now headed 
towards her

getting closer and 
closer until it was
right in front 
of her

The car pulled up 
next to her, the
man in the front smiling
at her, his eyes going 
where they should not be

EmmaLou gave the
smiling man a 
sweet look, and
when he unlocked the 
doors, she opened his.

EmmaLou did not feel 
any pity when she saw the 
confusion on his face, nor
did she stop when his screams
filled the hollow canyon

She just kept working
away with those nails of
hers, listening to the
frightened cries of the 
girl in the back now that 
the man could not speak

When th job was
finished, EmmaLou
dragged the girl out and 
held her close

run, she said
run and run until
you're grown and the
men can't find you

She watched the girl 
run until she was just a 
distant speck in the
night air

EmmaLou sighed,
looking up at the stars
i hope i become one of you
she said with a smile

and then EmmaLou went 
back to being what 
she was
a corpse on the
side of the highway