Jan 14
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It's not just a flower

It's not just a flower. This one object can be used to express so many emotions. It can be used to show love, grief, beauty, and even just as decoration. It's not just a piece of nature. It's something that people love to receive as a gift. A reminder that you're in someone's mind. The flower can be used as a prop in a picture, as a memory on a grave. The flower can be used to show your love to someone. Flowers bring many different moods and perspectives to people. When giving to a loved one while sick it may bring sadness. When giving to a spouse on an anniversary it brings love and joy. When walking through flowers in the middle of nowhere it brings calmness. The flower can be put behind one's ear to feel beauty. A flower does not just have to be a part of our outdoors, it can be a part of our mind, a reason for an emotion. It's not just a flower.
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