Jan 15

I Have A Dream

It isn't much different than 
Dr. Martin Luther King's dream
that we all (should) know. 
I dream about things
that normal kids
going through middle school
would dream of: playing 
professional ice hockey, publishing
a poem or novel, actually
graduating 8th grade
next year with no
COVID-19. But 
I also dream
of things that sometimes
seem impossible to reach. There's a 
sports phrase that my 
coach uses so often:
If you can see it,
you can be it. 

& what do I see?

I see a 
United States of America
that is actually united & not
divided between 
two political parties. 
I see a 
world where there are no
prejudiced killings based on 
the ammount of mel·a·nin                      (noun)
in a person's skin.
I see a 
place that we realize that we all
shed the same tears,
bleed the same blood. 
I see a 
place that people say used to exist,
but if it has, 
I haven't seen it.