Jan 15

Just like paper

I can be just like paper
I can be creative in my own ways that make me interesting
Like drawings on the paper
But I can fall apart
My scars are like rips on the peace of paper
I can try and tape it back together but it’s not 100% fixed
And my mistakes are like mistakes on the paper with a sharpie
Not able to be removed
But I can try and make that mistake on the paper into something better
And my bad memories are like the page getting crumbled like it was useless
And that can’t be undone
And just like bad memories
They can’t be reversed
And you I can’t go back in time to make the bad memories to stop
And I am paper
But only one piece of paper
And after those bad things happen
I can’t just go and get a new piece of paper
Because I can’t just start over
And I know that
So I try to keep my one piece of paper intact
Just like I’m trying to make sure that I can stay alive
Even if I’m struggling
I know I can’t make those mistakes...
About the Author: RilynnLee07
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