My brother and I went to play on our tablets in the white playroom. I finished building my house on Minecraft. I saw something on the bottom left corner and it said, “Braydon joined.” I wanted to show off my building to him. In the game he walked over  to me. We looked around the house together. It was two blocks high with a sky light. He said it was normal and that people had done that before.I went mining for a bit. I came back and I saw him placing TNT in my house. He used the flint and steel to blow it up. It was gone with just a big crater in the blocky ground!

 I got up from sitting in the playroom and I grabbed my iPad and smashed it on his knee. (He was wearing long pants and it was covering his knee.)  I noticed what I had done. I grabbed my broken  iPad and hid it under the table. I have anger issues and I feel bad that I did that to him.

My Mom found out either by finding my iPad or my brother had told her. She was mad, but not  angry mad. I was grounded for a week! A few years after I got a new iPad, it was big with a dark purple case. I was so happy that I had another one. The first thing that I saw was that all the apps were on there. like my old one. They had saved all my progress. I would never break this one. Well I hope….'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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