Jan 15


The world isn't fair.

Nor is it nice.

Things are constantly thrown at our faces,

coming suddenly from behind a curtain of mist 

that nobody even knew was there. 

And as hard as you may try

to protect yourself and others

 from pain and hurt

both are an inevitable part of life.

Everyone struggles. 




That is part of what makes us human.

It is easy to feel alone in your pain, 

but others have experienced it too. 

You aren't the first. 

And you aren't going to be the last. 

You can't prevent it.

You can't stop it.

You can't “fix” it.

So what do you do?
Me, I turn to love.

I surround myself with people

who bring sunshine and light.

People who introduce

the sunrise after the 




But the nights aren't eternal

as long as you don't shoot down the sun.

Light doesn't make the darkness go away,

but with illumination you can continue easier down 

the path of life that you want to take,

instead of wandering blindly,

waiting for something to 

bring the light back and save you from

eternal darkness.