Jan 15
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The Humble Beech

I look outside my window and I see a collection of trees; no not trees, a collection of memories. I see everything I love and everything I ever want to be. Sure, they’re just trees to some, but to me, they are like family. They bring back the feeling of summer, the crisp air of autumn, the excitement of the first snowfall, and the fresh reminders of spring. Trees grow with you, they sway as you do. They hold all my secrets and wishes, my hopes and my dreams. They remind me of home. The tree that is my deepest secret keeper and dearest friend is the leafy beech. This tree grew up with me, we grew up together. My dad planted it before I was born and as I grew, so did it. It’s the memories of building forts under its coveted shade with my sister and the laughs that are carried away by the wind. It’s feeling the branches creak as I climb to the sky with my soccer cleats still on after practice. The beech tree is the pretty one. It was always the tree we ran to first when we were looking for leaves; the deep purple shades in an almost perfect almond shape. The beech tree is scavenger hunts and hide n’ seek. It’s the sound of the breeze rustling its leaves and the feeling of excitement. The beech tree is the place you go when you need a moment to yourself, a moment of calm, understanding. As the years go by and we continue to grow together, it’s nice to know that the beech tree will always be there to listen, to laugh with, and to cry with. It is the tree that protects us. For that, I will forever be grateful.