Jan 15

Turnip Head

*note: all my grammar choices (ex. capitalizations in the middle of a sentence) are purposeful and serve a purpose to help me deliver the full meaning and intended feeling of this poem!

I met Turnip Head!

It was about two days ago, now 
that I think about it ––
yes, two days ago as that 

Was the wretched day 
I came down with that 
god awful fever ––

Anyways, I've met him! Out
he tumbled from the bag 
of vegetables, silent until 

I picked him up out of the heap,
(for he was a large turnip, worthy of admiration) 
turned him over in my hand, 

And saw a great big grin 
peeking out at me! I 
exclaimed in delight:

"It's Turnip Head! Here he is!" 
drawing people over to 
look on in wonder. 

For it truly was that silly 
Turnip Head ––
I suppose he wanted to follow me, too. 

Oh Turnip Head, how I love you.