Jan 15
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Mind watcher

The girl watched as a picture show of thoughts paraded their way through her imagination.
She sat in the front row of the theater as a blind person of her own making projected images onto a screen.
She sat alone and mostly in the dark in that vast, silent space. The rows, the balconies, and the aisles were all empty.
One person entered. It was a person from the girl's future. She didn't notice.
People waited in a queue behind the entrance doors,
All eager to see their thoughts displayed for their own viewing and yet slightly nervous at the same time.
The girl waited. More people from her future trickled in at different points from various exits and took their seats. 
The girl did not take her eyes off of the screen.
The credits began to roll down it. Of course, she knew everyone personally.
When she was ready, the girl raised her arms and slammed them back down again (as energetic people do,) and the picture show ended.
Every last row in the theater was full now, but no one talked. No one even existed.
The girl got up and walked out. Everyone followed her.
The next person in the queue walked into the movie theater.
It was empty once again. Perfect for viewing.
He sat down, and his show began...