Jan 15
fiction challenge: Trouble

The Worst Day

The dark oak door creaked open as a grey and white blur zoomed through the hall, skidding to a halt at my feet. 
    “Hey Beau. Boy am I glad to see you.” Beau barked and trotted over to the couch. I flicked on the hall lights and strode over to the kitchen, pouring out some kibble into a tray. 
    “I have had the worst day,” I complained, reaching for the cereal, “It all started when my alarm didn’t go off.”
*                                                             *                                                                       *
My eyes fluttered open as sunlight streamed in through the window. I glanced over at the clock.
    “Oh no, it is not 8:23!” I exclaimed, jumping out of bed and racing to the closet. “I am gonna be in so much trouble for this Beau!” I quickly pulled on a pair of leggings and a Richmond Veterinarian shirt as I sprinted to the door and grabbed my purse. Sliding on a patch of black ice on the sidewalk I lost my balance, crashing down in front of the car’s “Pittie Lover” bumper sticker. Groaning, I picked my soggy purse up from the snow and unlocked the car. There was a click as I turned the key. 
     “What? No no, not this too!” I cried, turning it again, hearing nothing but a faint click. “Well great, now I have to take the bus,” I snapped, grabbing my purse and taking off down the street. 
     The bus started to close its doors just as I reached the bench.
     “Wait! Please, wait! I yelled, scrambling towards the driver. 
     “Alright miss, don’t get in such a fret, give me a moment,” a tall blonde haired man said from behind the wheel. Letting out a sigh of relief I took a seat at the back of the bus. 
*                                                                 *                                                                 *
    The bus finally screeched to a stop outside of the clinic. I briskly walked down the stairs and entered the building. Megan side-eyed me from behind the reception desk as I calmly walked over to an older lady with a big fur coat holding a black chihuahua like a baby in her arms. 
    “Good morning Mrs. Abbott, I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting, please come right this way”, I said, forcing a smile on my face as Mrs. Abbott strutted past me. 
    “I do hope there haven’t been any cats in your exam room Dr. Clark, as you know my Tootsie is deathly allergic to cats and I will not have him anywhere near them.”
    “Actually Mrs. Abbott that isn’t on his chart, he-”
    “Well I just know that he’s allergic, we have a very special bond you see. And Tootsie feels it’s very important to be on time, unlike some people”, Mrs. Abbott remarked. My nostrils flared as I opened the door and entered the exam room. 
*                                                                         *                                                             *
    “And that wasn’t even the end of it Beau!” I grumbled, pouring myself a bowl of cereal. “After having to deal with that awful woman, a very nice man came in with a very sick dog, a pitbull like you, and there was nothing I could do to help him,” I whispered, taking a seat on the couch. “And after that a cat peed on my shoe and I got so caught up in paperwork from last week that I missed the 5:15 bus so I had to wait for the 5:45”. Beau put his head in my lap as I flicked on the TV, landing on a local news channel.
     “Earlier this evening, the 5:15 bus crashed on Route 101. There were no fatalities, however several passengers were injured during the crash, including bus driver Riley Davis,” a short black woman accounted, pointing to pictures of a crumpled bus surrounded by first responders. 
     “Oh… oh no Beau… that could’ve been me,” I stammered. “If I hadn’t had such a time at work I would’ve taken that bus home… I… I can’t believe that my bad day may have saved my life.” Beau raised his head and looked at me, his mouth spread into his signature pittie smile. 
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