Jan 15
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Have you ever liked someone too much to write poetry about?
I cannot construct a stanza because I want to just state facts:
she speaks swedish and french and english
she turns her camera on in zoom classes even when nobody else does
her smiley faces are like this (:
instead of like this :)

a not-a-date turned into a date, which turned into
her meeting my friends, my family, and now
on tuesdays, i have lunch at her house. 
this week, she made me tea
and it was The Best Tea I Have Ever Tasted.

sometimes when she drives she runs stop signs
sometimes when she drives she holds my hand
(and she doesn't care if it's clammy) 

i played with her hair and she played with my hair.
i want to practice being in positions with her,
which i know is a weird thing to say. i just mean,
i want to position us like barbies:
me sitting in her lap, facing her, facing away,
her in my lap, facing me, facing away,
sitting next to each other: head on shoulder
straddling her. cupping her cheeks. pinning hands above her head. switch.
pressed up against a wall.
sitting on the counter between her legs while she 
                                                                    kisses me