Jan 15
essay challenge: Trouble
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Jeremiah's Battle with Trouble

Today trouble seemed to seep through Jeramiah’s day like water through a sponge. Jeremiah's one of those people who can tell what kind of day it's going to be just by how their morning starts, and beginning the day by finding out someone had blocked his car does not indicate a good day. Baffled on how to get out of his parking spot, he decided to call an Uber, something he rarely does and dislikes to do. Once the Uber arrives, Jeramiah goes to grab his headphones, and believe it or not, they are not there. Now he feels obliged to initiate a conversation which is not something he has a fondness for. After some awkward smalltalk Jeramiah hops out of the cramped Mercedes and begins the short walk to his office building. Jeremiah works as a journalist and just yesterday there was a huge fire in downtown so now he must cover the story, not excluding interviewing people involved. He cracks open his old crappy Macbook only to realize his computer is on 5 percent, great. As this has happened to him before his only coworker that has the right charger is Beth, the happiest yet most passive aggressive person he's ever met. 

“Hey Beth sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could borrow your charger? I forgot mine at home,” Jeremiah asks. 

“Oh classic you, haha,” Beth stifles, “I assume you’re taking on the fire story, very brave of you to take that story on! I finished mine last night.”

Son of a-,” Jeremiah struggles not to say out loud, “Oh yeah, well thanks for the charger.”

Continuing on his dull day he finally reaches the end of it feeling miserable and unmotivated. To top it all off on his way home he feels a pinch near his pocket, but in the moment thinks nothing of it, only to find out he had been pickpocketed. His driver license, credit cards, only picture of him and his passed father along with much more had been stolen. Do these troubled thieves even consider feelings or compassion? After his long miserable day Jeramiah has no motivation to deactivate his credit cards or even edit his newspaper story. He plops down on his small twin bed and stares at his wall in despair. 

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