Jan 16
nonfiction challenge: Revelation
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Covid 19 revelation

    I am going to be talking about COVID-19. COVID-19 is a virus that has been spreaded all over the world. The virus started in March and till this day it is still going on all over the world. Through the pandemic we all had to take certain steps to control the virus. Such as, wearing mask, always washing your hands/using hand sanitizer, quarantine, online school, online sports/zooms, going for a drive through to say happy birthday, no going out to eat, no seeing friends or family, no taking a step out of your state or else you have to quarantine, and lastly staying 6 feet away from people. For the first time, I was beginning to understand what life is all about, life is about spending quality time with your family. It is nice to go for walks and play games with your family. In fact, quarantine brought our family even closer. In conclusion, this is what happened during COVID-19.
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