Jan 16
fiction challenge: Portal
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That's a great book

I was at the library one Sunday afternoon, just looking through books. I love to read and I love the library. I was looking through the shelves when I saw a book that seemed different from the rest. It was dusty and brown with gold striped on the top and when the sunlight from the window hit the book it almost seemed to sparkle. It was a weird feeling that that book was absolutely made for me. I snached it and added it into my collection of books I had found. I went straight to the checkout desk.

When I got home I went to my room and took out the golden book from my bag. The book's title is called Portal and it looks interesting. I open up the book and look at the first page. It's a page with a large circle in the middle.  Huh? Maybe that has something to do with the story? I flip to the next page. Another circle 3rd page, 4th page, 5th 6th, 7th! I flip through all the pages in one fast motion. Every single one is just a circle. I was so confused. I rub my finger around the portal and all of a sudden it lights up with a wispy glow.  It starts to spin around, it gets bigger and bigger and spins faster and faster, the book floats up in the air and I feel my feet lift off the ground, pages fly everywhere and the portal starts to pull me in. I grab onto the post of my bed but it was no use, My fingers slipped and the portal sucked me in.  I see my room getting farther and farther away from me until I see nothing at all. I awaken the next morning in my bed, I look down. The book is gone.
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