Jan 16
poem challenge: Nice
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Climate Change

Climate change Poem 

What is climate change?

Well I will have you know, 

Climate change affects us everywhere we go.

        Climate change is the change in our pattern of weather.

        To our despair,

It can be caused by what we put in the air.

        And in these troubled times we need to care


The year 2020 was the second hottest in history! 

        The reasons why are no mystery.

        We burn fossil fuels and they release gas emissions. 

        Is destroying our planet really our mission?


I am telling you this because we all need to know!

This is an ongoing problem in our world that we can control.

 I give you this knowledge because i’m a nice guy, 

And if we act now we can all get by.

“ If this isn’t nice,  I don’t know what is.” 

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