Jan 17

Thanks everyone! See you at the next one!

Poet Reuben Jackson and Teaching Artist Alex Muck thank you for being part of Presence and Possibilities on FEB. 2, 2021. Watch the site for the next writing salon!

ABOUT PRESENCE AND POSSIBILITIES: "When nothing is known, anything is possible." These are wild, uncertain times, with plenty of unknowns. All we can be certain of is what we sense, minute to minute, and these presences (pre-senses?), and our memories and imaginings of them are beautiful places to write from. (Are memory and imagination the same things?) Join Reuben and Alex as they mull over presence and possibility with you – and the creativity that can blossom amidst uncertainty. Come play on the page, celebrate the start of a new month, and relish another chance to be present online across space and time. Reuben and Alex had so much fun at their first YWP collaboration last month, Sounds and Singularities, that they immediately wanted to host another one! If you joined them last time, they welcome you back warmly. If you’re new, they are so looking forward to having you with them! 
Alex adds: "This quote, appropriately, has been riffed on and remixed by many. I love the continuation of it mentioned here (http://jacobjwalker.effectiveeducation.org/blog/2013/11/29/quote-of-the-day-when-nothing-is-known-anything-is-possible/) : “When nothing is known, anything is possible and authenticity becomes a function of the imagination.” When we stop pretending to know who we are, it frees us up to imagine who we may be. That can be disconcerting if we’ve committed to certain identities, and it can also be beautiful and so much fun. Come imagine with us!"

ABOUT REUBEN JACKSON: Reuben is a published poet, jazz archivist, and board member of Young Writers Project. Reuben's most recent book of poetry, "Scattered Clouds," was published in 2019. (Photo shows Reuben reading from his book at YWP's Celebration of Writing in October 2019.) Before moving back to his hometown of Washington, D.C. in 2018, Reuben led many writing workshops for YWP and he was the host of VPR's Friday Night Jazz. YWP is thrilled to have the online Reuben working with us now!

ABOUT ALEX MUCK: Alex is a teaching artist and founder of Fun is a Necessity, LLC, a Vermont-based arts education organization. She's a certified Gateless Writing teacher who has been partnering with YWP through this year to host an amazing series of online writing salons. Gateless Writing is all about noticing what is strong, powerful, and marvelous in writing and in the world! No red pens, no questions, no criticism – and lots of celebration!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2021
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