Jan 17
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The dark

The dark! What is there that I cannot see?

Is there someone, something, someone like you or me? 

Or maybe something scary with long teeth and is tall.

Wait! Something just shook the wall!

The stairs creak as I make my way toward the light,

I do not dare look back, as I may die from fright!

As my pace quickens, I feel the creature’s stare,

Where are my parents? Do they even care?

I reach the top of the stairs, something grabs me from behind,

it pulls me down into the dark, I am going to lose my mind.

 Its grip began to loosen, this is my chance flee,

I finally make it to my room; my heart is full of glee.

As I shut off my bedroom light and snuggle into bed,

I began to tremble, as something touches my head

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