Jan 17


I want to build you a castle, even though I can barely use a screw driver.
I want to write you a song, one that would make you think of me on a whole new level,
One you could listen to when we're apart.
I want to give you the world, even though it's not mine to give.
I want to do this because I just realized just how much I love you.
Yes, I said it, and it's true.
The only reason I haven't said it is because I want to tell you to your face, not through some screen a million minutes away from me.
You've gone and consumed my mind, and every time I think, you're right there.
I want to make you the happiest person in the world, regardless of whether or not I'm broken.
You deserve so much and I wish you knew just how special you are.
You compare yourself to a pebble, a rock, a stone.
But you are nothing like that. 
You are something beautiful, alive, and in love,
And someday maybe you'll know that.
But for now I just have to remind you everyday how amazing you are,
And what you've done for me.