Jan 19

this doesnt have a name yet.

(this is like a poem/rant I wasn't fully sure how to label it) 

Does my affection affect you 
in a negative manner 
does my love hit you like bullets? 
because they will hit harder
do my word offend you?
threaten your life
does the gender of my love intriest
bring you this strife 
how, what on earth makes you think
in what mind?!
that me loving another
is not being kind 
what person so flawed in their thoughts and morals 
led you to fight these pointless quarrels 
because love is love 
no matter face, body, or name
we are all living this
hectic people loving game 
all that we have is compassion for another 
so please please please 
stop hurting each other 
stop killing your sisters and brothers and others 
i beg you to find
some sort of respect inside 
I didn't hurt you 
Didn't call you names
or shame you for your hateful ways
just held out my arms
and offered my heart
stop trying to drown my light in your dark 
this isn't a matter of who's right and who's wrong
its a matter of who can love
and who cannot.