Jan 20
poem challenge: Secret

Silent Secrets

Though her heart beat faster and faster,
he said nothing.
She gripped the words she wanted to speak,
and held them back.
She knew what she was doing,
wouldn't help her in the long run.
But she still stood silent on the platform,
for she knew,
If she opened her mouth,
all her little secrets would spill out.
She faced the judge,
and looked into his frown,
she knew instantly she was going down.
She would be ridiculed and called guilty,
locked in jail for life,
she thought,
wouldn't that be best? 
No more would I worry,
there would be no way for those little secrets to escape!

A little voice in her mind said no,
if you hadn't had those little secrets in the first place,
you wouldn't be in this position.
Just tell them,
let them fall out!
Then you'll be free.
"Well?" the judge said,
interrupting her thoughts,
about to make a decree,
one path or the other,
or Free