Jan 20

An Election Reflection, Part II: On Patriotism in 2021

I watch the inauguration live on TV in my school library. The clouds literally parted in DC right when Lady Gaga started singing. I felt my heart pounding along with the beat of the "President's own Marine Corps band". When I was young, one of my first words was flag. I loved American history ( still do) and was very patriotic. These days, that feeling is harder to dig up the way it used to be. It's hard to feel patriotic especially during the difficult year we have had and especially during the weird pomp and display of the inauguration. I don't know, though, I guess for a moment there I was hopepful. Hopeful for our country and for the future and the new administration. Some say hope is a waste of time in this dystopian world of ours, but in that moment – in that moment – hope was all I had to go on.