Jan 20
essay challenge: Inauguration

Inauguration Day Thoughts

It's 9:27 P.M. I'm sitting alone, in my bed, and my head is racing. 

America. What do you think of when the word pops up in your mind, on your feed, flashing across your TV screen? Right now, I'm pretty damn sure that the answers aren't as great as a lot of people would hope. 

Honestly? They're horrible. Terrible things are being said and thought about us, right now, and we're doing about as much to stop it as we did to start it--not enough, that's what. I don't hear many good things about the U.S., at the moment, and while I can't say I'm proud (so many of us can't), I'm trying to make it so. One day, hopefully soon, the land I call home will become a safe haven, the way it was supposed and promised to be, so very long ago. So, I beg of you, help the rest of the world enjoy us again. We're in shambles, really, and it's atrocious. The only way, my friends, to rebuild, is to burn it all down and start again, tearing out the weak links and setting in sturdier ones, throwing out the old and thrusting in the new. 

Start from scratch, my fellow Americans. Rebuild, replenish, reconcile. 
About the Author: infinitelyinfinite3
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