Under The Surface

She was just a girl named White Water Addison or so people thought. She had long blond hair with a short and strong body. People loved her sea blue eyes, which happened to also be her favorite color. Tonight she has a concert where she will be singing. She is happy but also nervous.

“At the concert, the kids had a choice to either write or sing the song of their choice. The songs that the kids will sing tonight are, “Wish,” ”Jump,” “Home Made,” and “Where The Heart Is, The Home Is.” The first song being sung is “Jump.” So, let's get to it,”  announced the principal.

    After the concert, White ran to the Mysterious Sea nearby and jumped in. No one knew why but she did. They all ran after her and jumped in as well.  They then saw a pod of dolphins swimming in the distance. One of the dolphins started swimming closer and closer. It started circling them. It swam behind a rock and then White popped out from behind it. 

    They could not figure out where the dolphin had disappeared to. When they got back to the bay, they asked White what had happened to the dolphin. White answered that the dolphin was her. When I am under water I am a dolphin. That is what I look like under the surface. I can choose to be a dolphin or a human.

They didn’t believe her at first but then she flipped into the water. Suddenly a dolphin popped it’s head out of the water. It flipped in the air then White popped her head out of the water.

 “How long have you known about this power?” they all asked at the same time.

“Since I was two I have been a dolphin. I was thinking about it one day and then I suddenly became a dolphin!” she said.  From that day on, people were amazed by her powers. She stayed in the water more than she spent time on land because where the heart is where the home is.
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