Jan 21
poem 0 comments challenge: New Day

Wait for it

I see that he's president, finally. 
I see he seeks to erase his predecessor
and the tyranny that rushed through the administration that came before, I see how he is good, not bad, however simple those words may be. 
I see how he, instead of looking down on the people,
looks up to them and seeks to serve them, not himself. 
Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, that is his rule. 
Ask not, what can I gain from this. 
Ask, how can we gain from this. 
How can we reverse the scars and tears that were carved into our history? We cannot, should not erase the pain of the people. To do so would belittle all the suffering the people have faced. 
We can, however, seek to eradicate the mandates, the sermonic rules that created that pain, that suffering, in the hope that our actions will prevent it in the future. 
I see how he is a bright spot in a dark sky, scraping away at the mass of swirling, self-protecting, self-redeeming ideas that trace the borders of our country. I see how he shows us that he cares. He is a storm, seeking to nurture the water-deprived ground and set ripples flowing. Ripples of change. Wait for it – what starts as an impact quickly grows to rings and rings, so a thousand ripples create a moving ocean, a stirring people, reaching their faces to the sky and crying 
As the water soothes their skin. 
Some will hide, some will sequester themselves away but that is their choice, not mine. And I choose rain. I will always choose rain. 
I see that he will do all he has set out to do, and quickly. 
All I can say, all I can think is

And yet
I think I expected relief, I think I expected things to change for me right away, maybe for numbers to go down and smiles to go up. 
But I woke up from a nightmare with half my lip swollen. 

But I will wait for it. 

Wait for it.

Ah, yes!