For the first time I was beginning to understand what life is about. It is made of all the things we do, good and bad, light and dark from creating a black hole. For one can not live without the other. Every little thing you do, can change the life of millions. Every living thing intertwines with each other, prey to predator,  predator to prey and even the ones that aren't either. Life is something that we can’t hold but that we can feel in our hearts. Life is the world around us, no matter where we are.

    Life is created in the balance of good and evil. The ground we stand on is made from the balance between Good and Evil. The water we drink is also made from this balance. Even the food we eat is made from the balance between these two. If the balance was not there, the only thing left of our planet would be a black hole and that is why the balance must be kept under all circumstances.

     What one does in one’s country may be good but in another country it could be one of the most horrible, despicable things ever. For example, in one country burping in front of a chef is polite by showing them that their food was delicious. It may sound weird at first but just maybe because you are not in the same country as them. 

In the food chain, every link depends on another one to survive. A predator without prey would die because there wouldn't be anything to hunt. Prey without predators would die because of overpopulation and the lack there of plants. As good and evil, they need each other to exist.

Each of these are examples of life because we all need each other in the ecosystem to survive.  Every little thing we do in life such as digging a small hole could later become something extremely big, such as a huge ditch.  Without the food chain, nothing would be living on this planet. So the moral of this story is that life's not about one person but what we all do together.'s picture
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Chelsey Hook
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