Jan 22
essay challenge: Secret
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The secret

Sometimes, you have a secret that you don’t want anyone to know. You want to hide it from the world, no matter who it is. From your family, and your friends, nobody can know about it. It could be about your insecurities, your crush, something terrible that you did and feel guilty about. Nobody can find out. Sometimes, you can be too obvious about hiding a secret. People might start to ask you if you’re okay, but you smile and say nothing. You can’t let anyone find out, no matter what! But, that’s when the pressure starts. People will start continually asking you, over and over; “What’s wrong?”, “Are you okay?”, “What are you hiding?”, “Please tell me! I won’t tell anyone...I promise!”. The pressure will start to come down on you. You start to have trouble avoiding the questions. You don’t know what to do. The pressure makes you sweat. You get nervous. You don’t know what to do anymore. 

You finally tell the people you trust the most your secret, and make them promise. That they promise that it stays between them and you and nobody else. They all do, but in a group of friends, there is always the one you can’t trust. The one who starts to drop obvious hints in front of everyone. The one who begins to tease you, in a way that other people catch on. You start to get annoyed. You start to get angry. You pull that untrustworthy person aside at one point, and tell them to stop, and that they promised to keep your secret. The person says that they haven’t told anyone and that they’re just joking around. You know they aren’t though. 

The person doesn’t stop dropping hints. People who you don’t want to know your secret are asking you. They keep asking you. You get more and more scared. You think people know. You have a feeling that people are talking about you behind your back. You want to tell that untrustworthy friend to stop. You want to yell at them. Expose that person for something too. However, you’re more worried about yourself. 

As more people pressure you, you finally have to tell. You expose yourself. Now everyone knows. It’s that untrustworthy person’s fault. And your own fault for telling them. People laugh at you. Tease you. You're always embarrassed. You don't want to show your face to anyone. Your secret is no longer a secret. Now it’s a rumor. A rumor that's true about you. Spreading everywhere about you. You can’t trust anyone anymore. 

That’s it.
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