The Secret About Fish

Kate was a girl with short blond hair, blue eyes, and two best friends who were always there for her. Her parents were divorced and Kate was with her mom most of the time. Sometimes Kate felt lonely because she wanted a friend that could be with her for the whole day, not just sleepovers and playdates. But, her mom, Emily said no to her having a dog, a cat, a bunny, or a fish. 

That night Kate had an idea. The pet store was close to her house, and on the way to and from school and Kate had been saving her money for a pet even though her mom had said no. There was a small tank at the pet store, possibly small enough to fit in a school locker. Kate made sure she left home early enough so that she could stop at the pet store on her way to school. 

Kate entered the pet store and she sprinted to the back of the room. The back of the room is where all the fish are. She asked one of the store employees for fish that can go without being fed for a few days. The worker brought her to the betta fish aisle. With one glance at all of the fish, Kate saw the one she wanted. This fish’s body was a beautiful pink with a long and streamy whitetail. 

    Kate knew just then this was the fish she wanted. She headed to check out with the smallest tank they had, decorations for inside the tank, fish food, and the fish that Kate decided to name Scarlet. Kate took pictures of Scarlett when she got to school to send to her friends. When she got home, she found out that this was a big mistake, because her mom is allowed to look through her phone whenever she wants too. 

    When Kate's mom saw the pictures, she got frustrated.  Kate explained to her mom how sometimes she feels lonely even though she has two best friends. After a while of Kate’s Mom asking questions and Kate answering them, her mom decided it was okay for her to have a fish. She could keep the fish as long as Kate is the one who is paying for supplies and cleaning out Scarlet’s tank.

She learned not to tell any more lies and to always tell the truth. Kate is now allowed to bring Scarlett home and Kate has been feeling happier ever since.'s picture
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