Jan 22
fiction challenge: Secret

The Secret

I snuck down the roads of Berlin watching for German night shift guards. The world was in the midst of the second World War and I was a French spy for the allies. Germany was winning the war and we needed all the possible information for the invasion of Normandy coming in two days. I walked briskly through the streets trying not to draw attention. I had vital info for the allies and I had to get it there before midnight. A guard turned the corner and ran straight into me.
     “What are you doing out past curfew?” he said in a gruff voice.
     “Sorry sir, I was just going to help my aunt who had a heart attack about an hour ago.” I lied.
    “Well, do it in the morning. Get home now or i'll arrest you. Where do you live?”

He walked me to “my” house and then walked away. I Immediately started after him but took a different route. I ran this time and didn’t run into any guards, but I had a few close calls. I made it to the forest and went to the secret trail that led to the base. I checked to make sure no one was following me. Then I ran to our cave that acted as a base. I ran inside only to find that it had been discovered! 

The equipment was strewn everywhere and there were bodies on the floor. I searched everywhere for a radio but all I could find was a broken one that had almost been completely smashed. I had run a tech agency before the war and had a lot of experience with radios. My hands went into autopilot and I barely remember working on it but in about twenty minutes I had it fixed. I tried to remember the code words I needed and finally got them: “A message for Mission Neptune, the crow flies at 6:30 am.” Mission accomplished.

11 months 4 days later

It was over. Germany and Japan had surrendered and the allies had won. I am now in France running a new company called Revive The World. I might move to the U.S. soon to do research on trees after I get my master’s degree at the University of Vermont. I must now go. I hope there are no more wars in my lifetime and if there are I won’t serve.
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