Jan 22
fiction challenge: Secret
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The Secret Sandwich

One day a guy named Clyde decided to make a yummy sandwich. He added on the toppings and put it in the toaster. He took it out and let it cool on the counter. Then his brother Jessy picked up the sandwich and ate it. He quickly ran away before he could notice it was gone. Clyde came back and was surprised to see his sandwich was gone. “WHERE IS MY SANDWICH?!” Clyde yelled. Jessy walked by. “Jessy did you eat my sandwich?”

“No, I did not lay a finger on that sandwich.” A few weeks later Jessy decided to admit that it was him that ate the sandwich. “Clyde I have something to tell you.” 


“I...I...kinda ate your sandwich. I am not sorry because that sandwich was so good.” 

“Why would you do this?”

“What, all I did was eat that yummy sandwich.” 

“You need to get me 2 sandwiches now.”

“Fine.” Jessy then goes to get the yummy sandwiches.

“I see that you brought me my food?” 

“Yes I did.” 

“Thank you Jessy.” 
This is why you should not lie because most of the time it is good to tell the truth.
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