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nonfiction challenge: Secret
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     There was this girl named Anna. Anna had been keeping something from her friend. She has had trouble with friends before knowing the secret and them using her for this. Her best friend, Sydne, has been her friend since they were 10. They are 17 now. Sydne has never been to Anna’s house in their 7 years of friendship. One day, Sydne wanted to hang out and go to the mall with Anna. But Sydne didn't just want to do that, she wanted to also go to Anna’s house. Anna said, “I’ll think about my house, but let's go shopping first.” 

They went shopping. Normally Anna would buy normal priced clothes and shoes, but today she was going to spill the secret. They went into Louis Vuitton and Sydne said, “Why are we going into here? We don't have enough money to get anything.” 

Then Anna said, “Pick anything you want in here.” Sydne picked everything she wanted and they both got a couple things. When they got out of the store, Sydne was very confused. She said, “You’ve never had enough money to buy anything like that. How did you get that much money?” 

Anna ignored that and said “Let’s go to my house. I need to tell you something I've been keeping from you.” Anna called her dad and asked him to bring her Range Rover to the mall so he could tell Sydne her secret. 

Sydne said “SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU HAD A RANGE ROVER?” Then Anna’s car came and they started driving to her house. 

“I need to tell you something.” Anna said calmly. 

“Um yes you do?! Since when do you have enough money to get this stuff? You have always told me you don't have money.” Sydne said, kind of angry and questionable. “And why are we going to Beverly hills if you don't live here?” Sydne said, surprised. 

“I live in Beverly Hills.” Anna said. 

“No you don't. When did you move here, this is all confusing!”

“Sydne I’m rich, I never wanted to tell you because everyone uses me for it, and you like me because I'm me.” Anna said. 

“Well i'm not like those people.” 

“I know, and we are pulling up to my house right now.” Anna said happily. 

“HOLY COW ANNA! THIS IS YOUR HOUSE?! Look at your cars! And your backyard. Oh my gosh, your house is huge.” Sydne said, surprised and excited! 

“Yeah sorry i didn't tell you, well come in!” 
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