Jan 22
fiction challenge: Secret
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This is my secret

It is 7:30 AM, the sunrise is beautiful and I cannot wait for the day to start. I look at the mountain and start to climb. Today for me is one of the best days of the year, it is not a holiday, it is not my birthday, and there are no friends to meet, it’s just me.    

I stop for a break. It is 12:30 PM and I am about halfway up the mountain. The sky is blue and the birds sing an enchanting melody. I could stay here for hours, but I must get to the top of the mountain. I stretch and get up. It is time to go. 

I made it! I am on the ledge at the top of the mountain, and the sun is setting. I sit down and have dinner. About 30 minutes later it's night and the stars are out and it is absolutely beautiful. It is time, I took off my jacket. Underneath my jacket I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt with two big slits on the back of it. I take a deep breath in and a deep breath out and whisper “okay...”. All of a sudden I feel too big appendages coming out of my back going through the slits I made in my shirt, they fold into a resting position. I cannot wait to fly again. 

This is my secret, I have two wings that I can summon onto my back and I can fly with them. My wings are nice and white, the shape of my wings are mixed between a dove and an eagle. One of my wings measures at about 7 feet, with a total wingspan at around 14. Even with my wingspan being 14 feet long I cannot fly straight up into the air like a bird, I need some lift. 

It is very hard to find a time for me to fly. I could technically do it any day, but I prefer to do it at night where it is harder for people to see me, and when the stars and moon are out. It almost feels like they give me energy to go and fly. Along with those troubles I also have to find a whole day to go and climb a mountain. So I can really only do this at most four times a year. Of course only being able to fly four times a year will weaken my wing muscles so I do stretches everyday when I am alone to keep them strong. 

It is finally time, I am smiling there as I stand on the edge of a cliff. I spread my wings and get them into position. I jump off, and I start to fall but then I slowly start to glide. I start gently flapping my wings. As I look down at the town I can see all kinds of lights. I spend the next couple of hours bounding around and through clouds, looking at the sky, and feeling free. I finally decided that it is time to go back. I do one last swoop and I start the head back to the ledge. I cannot wait until the next time I can fly.

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