Grow to be a Tree

I look around, admiring the gorgeous flowers and fresh mulch, if you blink you might miss it; if you’re rushing you might not even notice. It’s an ode to calming down and taking a moment, giving a chance to reflect. What I see is magical, a small sprout barely peeking its head through the mulch. The delicacy and youthfulness makes it a wonder. How can something so small, one may say insignificant, make such an impact? That little sprout of a tree means more to me than the towering tree next to it. The beauty is in its potential, I know that mere green shoot just sprouting its leaves can grow to be gigantic. It will grow from a speck of green to a strong tree commanding attention. The promise of new life makes it all worth it. It strikes the thought if that tiny sprout can grow to make such a difference, so can I. I may not be as small and I may never grow as big, but nevertheless, I will grow. I will grow tall and strong like the tree, we will grow together. We will grow to be friends, to make change together. The truth is, we’re all like that new tree; we start small, full of potential, when nurtured we can grow to do amazing things.