Jan 22
fiction challenge: Secret

The Secret that Changed Everything

Once there was a boy named Nile who was ten years old. His parents worked for the government. One day he asked if he could go to work with them; they simply said no. The next morning he woke up extra early and snuck behind them into their black Porsche and they were on their way. 

    His parents stopped the car and went inside the large grey office building. He waited until they left and then he hopped out and went in. He headed into the building quietly, so that nobody would notice him. He got lost after a while and started to look for his parents. He thought he found them, so he followed them. After a while of walking through different hallways he suddenly saw them disappear. He looked around and saw houses but they were alive! Inside of the houses were something he had never seen before. Then he thought it was an alien apocalypse!!!  He quickly stepped back and all of a sudden he teleported into a spaceship. He saw the planet Earth and realized he was in space. Then he heard something. It sounded like footsteps. He hid under a table and heard the aliens talk about sneaking to Earth and being a part of the government.

Then for the first time he thought about something. Could he and his family be aliens? Nile also thought about where his parents were and then he heard them. He went down the hall and hid on the side of the wall and listened. His parents were talking about him and destroying the world. They also said they might make him lose his memory, so he wouldn’t  remember his friends.

 Then he ran in and said “no!” That gave his parents a shock!

 His parents said, “You’re an alien and this is what we do with every planet except for ours.”

“Why can't I remember our planet then?” asked Nile.

“Because we erased your memory,” said his parents. 

“Why?” asked Nile. 

“We wanted you to live a normal life unlike us. We made ourselves as robots to be your parents. You have lived on Earth your whole life. We were never actually with you.”

 said his parents. 

“Why can't we live in peace?'' said Nile. “They are nice to us, why can't we be nice to them?'' asked Nile.

 “I guess we can try.” said Nile’s parents. So Niles and his family went home and Nile had a good life.
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