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essay challenge: Secret
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Rebecca had always been a good girl. She was always nice to everyone and had good manners. Everyone thought she was an angel child. However, she was far from perfect. She had many secrets of her own. Every Friday night she would go out on the town and meet up with a boy named Jacob. Her parents were very strict and they forbid her to hang out with any boys of any kind. So she did the only thing she could do, she lied. She said that she was going to her friend Macy's house for a girls night. When in reality she was out with Jacob. Since Rebecca's parents were strict they would call Macy’s house to check in and see what they were up to. Since Rebecca wasn’t there Macy would always cover for her. Every Friday night Rebecca’s parents would drop her up at Macy’s house. She would spend two hours with Macy recording a bunch of tapes for when her parents called. All Macy had to do was just play the right ones. This was fine for a while but then the guilt of hiding this from Rebecca's parents got to her. Rebecca's parents we're like her second parents and she hated keeping a secret from them but she promised Rebecca that she wouldn’t tell anyone.

One day she couldn't keep it in any more so when Rebecca's parents called to check in Macy's told them the truth. When Rebecca's parents found out that she was hanging out with a boy they were furious and went out to find them. Tonight Rebecca and Jacob were out watching a movie at the movie theater. When her parents suddenly stormed into the movie theater furiously screaming her name she jumped and ran out not looking back. She was so sacred that she forgot about Jacob. He was left to deal with two very angry parents and he got a real butt whooping. Rebecca didn't know what to do so she decided to go confront her so-called best friend Macy. When she got back to Macy’s house she found Macy sitting on the ground crying. Macy couldn't believe what she had done. She felt so bad for betraying her trust of her best friend. Rebecca was still so mad at Macy for breaking her promise. Rebecca soon realized that it wasn't worth being mad at Macy. She knew how much Macy loved her parents. She should have never asked Macy to keep such a secret.  
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