Jan 25

And if im dead to you why are you at the wake?

There’s a saying “if the universe didn’t need you, you wouldn’t be here” it's almost laughable because the universe doesn’t need arsonists or thiefs, and the universe certainly didn’t need Richard Ramiriez or Ted Bundy but it got them didn’t it? People like to make you out to be 10 times more important than you really are, just like mirrors at retail stores like to use skinny mirrors to make you feel just a little better about yourself, better enough to buy the clothes and then get home and be disappointed. 


    Blood and bones live in the same category just like comfort and longing, sometimes if you listen closely you can hear the run of the river down the road and if you focus a little bit harder, the birds singing sound a little bit louder than the thrumming of your heart as you run.

 Maybe your bones breaking is a sign that you’re alive or maybe it’s a sign that you’re dying, brain function is a privilege that you don’t really think you deserve but if you dream long enough, you won’t have it much longer. 
Picture a bird, then picture a knife. It doesn’t matter the context and it never will, it’s just you, the bird and the knife, use them wisely.