Jan 26

Emit Time

Usually its the date that inspires me.
The month.
The stop watch.
That is what inspires me.
It slips through my red cracked hands
and pases through my body like sunlight in the webs of your fingers.
It tickles that one spot on your soft palate
So your tongue wriggles back and forth trying to sooth it.
Never enough time.
I don't mind really,
this constant ticking that's taken to the root of my navel
The big hand on the clock shifting half a zilch to the right,
Making my heart beat faster as my foot angrily taps the desk while I take that history test.
The one I didn't study for because I didn't have enough
To go get flash cards, because I was absorbed in something I wanted to do.
Something I needed to do.
Time smacks me in in the neck and that inspires me to do it.
The important things. 
Before I run out of time.
Whether it be play with my eleven year old dog
Or have a chat with my 'ol man.
Or learn that new riff on bass that I've been meaning to do.
Perhaps instead of studying
I spent that time tidying my room for that new friend that was coming over for a school project,
Sick of being left alone every time
Hurt when friends can't find the time
Wanting to be my best self this time.
No lies, no impersonations.
Time inspired me to be me.
Because I'm stuck with me all the time
The rest of my life.
And I'm inspired by time because every day as we get older
We have less of it.
And every night we think back at what we did that day
And hoped it was enough.
So if I died tomorrow, having run out of yesterdays
Did I do everything I wanted to do?
Did I become everything I wanted to become?
Did I have time to do it all?
I hope so.
I think so.
But only time will tell.
About the Author: Treblemaker
I write because the music of language spoke to me in books and I wanted to make a beautiful noise to answer back ~ Lee Williams.